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This gallery is really for family and friends to enjoy although I do let my creative side express itself here with some experiements and the new 365 Project gallery. This is my life and all that it entails so feel free to see what goes on.


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The Holidays

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The Holidays

Life with Nifty

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Life with Nifty

Nifty's Return

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Nifty's Return

Benjamin James Carroll 5.10.10 0959

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Benjamin James Carroll 5.10.10 0959

Jacen Lee Carroll 3.12.2014 2226

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Jacen Lee Carroll 3.12.2014 2226

Guestbook for My Life
1.jessica carroll(non-registered)
Our lives together has been so amazing... its sad you are leaving today but this is just the beginning. now as parents we have to set a good example for benjamin and make sure he grows up knowing how much we love and care for each other.. ben is so lucky to have a father like you. i love you very much

Love always, your wife
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