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Lonnie and John. So much to say, such little space. I've known Lonnie for almost a decade now and she's truly been a great friend and a big part of my life, since I've never keep friends that long due to my constant moving.

Today was her day and she asked me to cover it. Nothing could make me happier than to return the favor she did for me and Jess for our wedding in helping out as much as she did. While shooting, I noticed how happy she was and that she couldn't have found a better guy to be with so here we are, about to present the day of John & Lonnie's wedding. Forever they shall be!

Guestbook for John & Lonnie's Wedding 4.24.10
Nate, thank you so much for capturing my very special day, your talent in wielding that camera is incomparable, thank you for everything my friend- your work will bring me and my family many years of smiles and memories,

Thank you,

Lonnie Sepe