It's kinda like ghosts

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Seeing how and when this all started, it will not be a shock but rather an interesting recollection how some things never change and how you live long to become the villain and back again. People can always say it isn't about what happened in their life, that it hurts but doesn't affect them yet it is simply a cover up for the things most people cannot admit to. Sometimes we curl up into the dark and just sever the tie before it causes any more damage. Then there are the cynics. Those that want to face their beast but with words of hate, regret and infiltrate others so they are not alone in the pain. I really never cared for this topic and I did not think to get into it so quickly but the reality is this time it is different. It's kinda like ghosts. 

I love ghosts. The supernatural is such a mysterious thing all the while being vague, the idea and concept of something more is so intriguing because why not? Why does it hurt to believe or be open to the concept of something we cannot understand? We actually all do anyhow, generally speaking. I speak generally a lot. Do not try to tear it apart. That is my job on other mediums. We do though and it can happen in an instant or something totally planned to be unplanned and well, there it is. We are talking about it now. Ghosts. So many can claim an experience or have something suspicious happen to them and yet they may still not quite believe. It can be really hard to but the there is so much to disprove it even happened in the first place. I am a huge believer in the possibility but never really had a solid encounter or incident that I could say has pushed me one way or the other. It is still just a thing despite the disappointments. 

You can plan and have everything ready; the right instruments, the setting and even practices that you have learned and guess what, nothing. It all still falls apart despite the time and effort you put into it. Ghost Hunters had nothing on you and yet it was just a waste of time. The good news, the take away because there always should be, was that it was fast. You realized quickly nothing was going to happen and even if it did all your preciously prepared equipment started acting weird and was to reveal it came with 3rd party batteries over some good old company models. That is your take away. You have learned and can not access and set off to try again. Something new, something fresh that cannot be confused with creaks from the wind.  Now you are having luck. Now you can try, albeit a bit dark in methodology, find the next fresh scene and keep this up for some successful experiences and hopefully an endgame. Then you have that first big experience that can really help but the problem is you have high that has taken you over. It is apart of you, seeping through pores trying to find a refresher to avoid the epiphany at the end. There is no end. This is life, this is it and patience can pay off, you do not have any. Then you get it. It was not enough. It could not fill you the way you perceived earlier, the way you see others achieve their goals and continue on with their lives living it out no matter the outcome. How do you achieve this? How do you, do you? Here we are again, back at the basics ready to get out and try but it is not the endgame. It is not the incredible feeling that overwhelms you when you know you are close, when you can feel it crawling up your skin that you are on to something yet rather the feeling you got before that. The idea of it. The things that could be, that may happen there and then but hey, if it doesn't you are good. There are more haunts to explore, more places to try and keep on keeping on. This not mean you have to go out and do all this, it is just if someone does but as said, sometimes even the most most planned can have an unexpected surprise or there you are enjoying the extra time given to you that day when it is there. The chills, the touch and it is just enough to arouse suspicion but you know better. It is not that you ignore but neither chase to see because you are in that moment understand what it is that just happened. Where do you go from here. Can you walk away like nothing happened? Should you? You want to believe, there is reason and you are not just going to stop like it doesn't exist, but this time you are approaching it from a different perspective. You will better understand, comprehend and deal with it when it happens. It is back to that journey because sometimes the destination is great but can be stale. Remember how you got there and remember why you are the way you are now. If you don't, welcome to the same old mistakes. We do not do that anymore. Right guys?

See, it's kinda like ghosts.


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